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Really dug reading about this little adventure near my house and even thought I saw a ghost in one of the photos. I've wandered that cemetery many times and agree it is fascinating. Have ventured into the meadow too but haven't gone as far as the tree line. Gonna follow in your foot-steps on my lunch break tomorrow. Thanks!

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Thanks Galynn! That's great. The path is a little tricky to find, but I know you'll get it. Let's gather this weekend since I wanna hear about Onion Creek...

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From Save Austin's Cemeteries: Veterans Day approaches and Save Austin’s Cemeteries is organizing volunteers to put out US flags at the veterans’ graves in Section 4 of Austin Memorial Park.

Our first work day will be Saturday the 31st [2020]. We will meet at 9:00 am at Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, 2800 Hancock Dr, Section 4. We will wear our masks and be socially distant. If you would like to assist with the project, please let us know at historian@sachome.org. We will also work again one day next week, if needed. Volunteering this Saturday--

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Creep, creep, creepin’ along with you guys on your adventures...Thank you my friend! 🎃

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